Radio + Audio Storytelling

I was excited when my neighborhood, Dayton's Bluff in St. Paul, started a low-power FM station owned and run by community members. I helped get WEQY 104.7 FM on the air and streaming back in 2014. As WEQY's Program Director in 2018-19, I coordinated a Get Out The Vote community outreach and radio programming project and helped several new interview and issue-focused shows and podcasts reach the air. Currently, I'm producing several podcasts and working with others on theirs. Check out the projects here on the site and let me know if you have ideas you'd be interested in making happen. I'd love to help.

Freedom's Promise is a podcast I produce, record, and edit. The series was created by professor and author Duchess Harris. Duchess co-hosts the show with her son, Zach Thomas. Freedom's Promise explores African-American topics that is covered in Duchess's book series which is written for third-to-sixth grade readers. In each episode, Zach and Duchess provide an overview, share relevant audio clips, and have an honest dialogue about the issues and people connected to the featured topic.

Coco's Barrio is a bi-lingual, live radio theater and variety show. I engineer the live recording, radio simulcast, and even perform the show's sound effects live on stage alongside the actors.

Sue Scott's podcast, Island of Discarded Women, is a mix of radio theater satire, original songs, and inspiring conversations with women who share their personal stories. As an honored ally, I engineer the recording of the podcast's live performances each month at the Nord Social Hall in Minneapolis.

I produce, record, and edit this health and wellness podcast that is hosted by its creators, Francine Tolbert and Glaiza Regis. Fran and Glaiza interview experts and bring their own perspective as women of color and mothers to each episode's topic.