Radio + Audio Storytelling

I was excited when my neighborhood, Dayton's Bluff in St. Paul, started a low-power FM station owned and run by community members. WEQY 104.7 FM has been on the air and streaming since 2014. But even before the station was up and running, I rekindled my passion for radio and began talking to people about creating opportunities for neighbors to learn both the art of audio storytelling and the technical skills necessary for making great creative radio. I'm lucky enough to be the recipient of one John S. and James L. Knight Foundation St. Paul Arts Challenge award grant and a collaborator on another, both to do community radio in St. Paul. Look to this page for announcements and updates about these exciting projects.

Everyone has a story to tell or knows someone who does. There’s a wealth of stories in our community that get shared only within small circles. These stories should have wider exposure within and beyond the diverse communities living on the East Side of St. Paul. And they should be told in the voices of the storytellers, not outside reporters. Fire on the Bluff's new project, East Side Stories, will bring the craft of storytelling for radio directly to the people who have the stories to tell. This craft will be a powerful tool leading to deeper and more creative cultural expression directly in the voices of our neighbors.

Nuestro Pueblo San Pablo  is a new bi-lingual radio novela and live-performance series to be produced by and feature the St. Paul East Side Latino community and broadcast on Dayton's Bluff's new low-power FM station, 104.7 East Side Community Radio